How Small Solar Panel Systems Can Help You Save Money On Solar Panels Cost?

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New small solar panels are more cost-effective and ideal to meet a percentage of your energy demands. Learn about the different factors that can help you reduce your Solar Panels Cost and save more money.

If you cannot afford to install the larger solar panels in your home, you can consider the new-technology that offers smaller photovoltaic panels. These systems have especially become more affordable because of the surplus production of panels and the entry of Chinese manufacturers into the market.

In spite of the significant reduction in Solar Panels Cost, it is still required to consider your precise energy needs before investing. You would have to determine appliances that would be run on solar power. When installing a small solar panel, you cannot increase the number of number of appliances.

Cost of Small Solar Panels

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Small solar panel systems are more affordable and they can meet all the major power needs of your home. However, it should be kept in mind that the Solar Panels Cost for these smaller systems is also a little high. For example, a 70 Watt system can cost you about $900. Relatively, a system that powers all the needs of an average sized home can cost you as much as $20,000 against an investment as high as $75,000 for a full-sized panel system.

An investment of $20,000 for meeting all your power requirements means a decent cost. And, you can further reduce it with the help of rebates and tax credits from government. In addition, this initial cost of installation can be compensated in a short period of time.

Higher Efficiency to Reduce Cost

Installing more efficient solar-power systems would further help in offsetting the cost of small solar panels. A more efficient system means that it would generate more power, and this would require you to install lesser number of panels, which would directly reduce the Solar Panels Cost.

Increase Your Home s Energy Efficiency

It would also be required to increase the energy efficiency of your home prior to installing the efficient small solar panels. A basic rule that can help you here is that it is cheaper to save energy than generating more of it. You can use energy efficient or energy rated appliances in your home. In addition, some of the appliances are especially designed to be run on solar power. If you fill your home with more of these solar-energy compliant appliances, you would be able to further reduce your small Solar Panels Cost.

Insulate your Home

Insulating your home properly would also help in meeting your energy demand with a small solar panel system. This would also increase your home s energy efficiency. Since, a small solar PV system would not be able to generate sufficient energy to meet your requirements, it would be required to insulate your home so as to reduce your energy consumption. Insulation can help you save on your heating and energy consumption by as much as 50%. And, this can help reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%.

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