Putting Together A Gift Basket

By Mark Plantier

If you have an occasion coming up in either your personal or professional life then consider putting together a gift basket. The great thing about a gift basket is that it is not like getting just one present. It is like getting many presents at once this means that if it is the thought that comes when it comes to giving a present then you are sending a multitude of blessings and good wishes when you fill up that gift basket.

The wine gift basket is a very traditional gift and it is appropriate to give to both friends or business associates. It is also suited to many different holidays including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings and birthdays. The only time that the wine gift basket is inappropriate is in the case where the person has a medical condition or an addiction that prevents them from drinking alcohol. This is something that you should find out if you are planning to give a wine gift basket to a business associate or a client so that your gift is appropriate

A gift basket can also be a very personal gift especially if you take the time and trouble to customize it. This is because you are taking the trouble to hand selecting various complimentary items that you know the recipient would like. Yet another perk is that the gift basket can also have a theme.

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For instance if you are putting together a gift basket for someone who is about to retire and who loves to golf you could add a set of golf tees, a can of golf balls and an instructional video about golf to your gift basket to personalize it.

A coffee lover might really appreciate a gift basket filled with assorted coffees, a hand made coffee blender, biscotti and special sugars.

A gift basket can also be created with the holidays in mind. A gift basket for Christmas could contain a special decoration, some candy canes and maybe a mug to celebrate the holidays. A gift basket is also perfect to celebrate the birth of a baby or to comfort someone who is bereaved.

One very nice idea for a Christmas gift basket is the Peppermint Twist type of basket in which everything in the basket is red and white including foil wrapped chocolates, Christmas ornaments and candy canes. You can also choose items that taste like peppermint to go into the basket such as mint flavored cocoa or chocolates.

You can also never go wrong putting together a food gift basket. The idea of the food gift basket comes from the old idea of the cone shaped cornucopia that was filled with the fruits of the harvest. Nowadays we fill the food gift basket with pates, cookies, jams, cheeses, cocoa mixes, wine, fruit, chocolates and just about every food you can think off.

The great thing about a gift basket is that it is also so versatile. A gift basket does not have to be very big or expensive to please someone. If you cannot afford a big elaborate gift basket you can try filling a basket with less expensive items.

You can create a gift basket online by simply deciding on a theme and then putting together your choices of items to suit any type of occasion or theme that might arise.

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