Evaluating Options For Breast Cancer Treatment In Riverhead, Ny

byAlma Abell

Finding a lump in the breast is frightening enough, but learning that the mass is malignant conjures up many images that few people can take lightly. Fortunately, there has never been a time when there were more options for Breast Cancer Treatment in Riverhead NY. Depending on the stage in which the cancer is detected, one or more of these treatments may be used to improve the potential for a complete recovery.


One of the first options to consider is chemotherapy. The idea is to utilize strong drugs in an attempt to kill the cancer cells before the disease can spread. For some patients, the therapy will shrink the tumor and pave the way for a complete recovery. Depending on the size of the mass, this may be the first line of defense, followed by other treatments that involve the complete removal of the tumor.


Surgery is one of the most common forms of Breast Cancer Treatment in Riverhead NY. After confirming that the mass is malignant, the surgeon will run further tests in an effort to determine how widespread the condition happens to be. In the best case scenario, the tumor will be contained and removing it will eliminate the threat. When there is evidence that the cancer has already begun to spread, removing all the breast tissue may be the only option.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy involves the targeted use of radiation to kill cancer cells. This approach may be used in conjunction with chemotherapy prior to surgery, or as a means of further increasing the odds of recovery after the surgical procedure is complete. When and how many radiation treatments are necessary will be determined by the attending physician.

While the shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer is difficult to handle, do not give up hope. Visit and learn more about how a combination of treatment options can increase the odds of overcoming the cancer and being able to enjoy many more years. With the right care and the attention of a professional, it is possible to join the ranks of people who have overcome breast cancer and lived for decades.

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